The Leaf


This is an independent timber framed cabin, which can be off grid for ease of installation and to omit connection costs

The dominant feature of The Leaf cabin is the tilted leaf shaped roof which offers its face towards the sun and hovers above the shingle clad sloping cabin walls, that evoke the tree trunks. This roof surface photosynthesises, as it has integrated photovoltaic cells that produce electricity for the cabin from the suns rays for lighting, appliances and an Ecotoilet fan. The ‘stalk’ at the end provides support for the retractable canopy over an outside table and bench.

ACCOMMODATION- The Leaf can be just one room, for a studio or office, or it can incorporate a wetroom, WC and kitchenette, and a sleeping platform above a main living space. There are windows for daylight, ventilation and view and a rooflight above the sleeping shelf for stargazing. A folding double door provides access to the cabin and opens onto a mini kitchen area if included, with all necessary appliances and wall storage cupboards.

CONSTRUCTION- OSB sheathed Structural Insulated Panels are used for the construction of The Leaf, so it is highly insulated, inherently air tight and has integrated service zones. The OSB can be stained for a minimal naturalistic finish and glass wall panels used to protect wet areas. Externally the walls are overclad in cedar shingles.

The floor would be designed to suit the site conditions and location, either piled or post footings with suspended floor or oversite raft foundation

SUMMARY- Whether providing one extra room- a small leaf- or a whole independent unit for one or two with washing and cooking facilities, or a combination for a family with separate small sleeping cabins, the leafs can scatter through a reasonably sized garden, naturalistically arranged like a cluster of leaves on a branch, increasing the residential density and adding to the Leafiness of the Suburbs, or Green Belt.

If you are interested in ordering one, do contact us.

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