Cafe in the Park

  • November 12, 2015
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An adaptable extension to Parkview Café in Harrow.

The building is extended for the preparation of fresh hot snacks, and there is an installation to provide protection for the customers seating area. As funds are restricted the proposal is in phases;

1 extend the existing building towards the south in the same construction as the original, reinstalling the characterful timber features on the existing south elevation, producing minimal visual impact on the park.

2 install a series of white powder coated frames to which can be fastened both temporary and permanent coverings.

In the first stage this will be a largely transparent structure that mimics the shape of the existing café building.

3 install a light grey zinc roof and minimally glazed sides and a connecting flat glass canopy with open sides. This shelter for the seating is only enclosed against the weather- it is not an enclosed heated environment.

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