Bridge Canopy Design


A distinctive bridge canopy design can provide a landmark and function to draw people to cross a divide.

Here a rather bleak bridge connects two parts of a shopping centre in Clydeside, so a bright and functional cover was needed. The bridge is a lock, so the opening and closing of gates was sought to synchronise with some moving aspect of the canopy.

The concept of a dragonfly evolved - the central section of the bridge rises to allow boats through along the canal and the proposal synchronises rising wing sections of the canopy, powered by the pv scales on them.

A dragonfly suits the location symbolically as it is an area of regeneration- which the dragonfly symbolises, and it is a native of waterways and canals. To suit, iridescent titanium sheet would be the body segment material, and stretch fabric for extra body shades and the head or eye umbrellas.

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