Kensington TownHouse Eco Remodel


Kensington TownHouse Eco Remodel is an example of a whole house extended and replanned with eco water, ventilation and heating systems installed and environmentally sensitive materials and finishes used creating an entire eco environment.

Here, a 1840's Kensington townhouse, we minimised steel usage for the rear and understreet extensions and used only structural timber framing elements for the loft extension. External insulation with a body coloured render topcoat thermally upgrades the solid brick walls of the rear addition. Hemp insulation has been used for acoustic and sound insulation throughout and eco paints for decoration.

Recycled grey washing water for toilet flushing halves the water bills and a sedum green roofing has been installed on the top and rear roofs to absorb CO2, rainwater and improve sound insulation. A solar panel halves the water heating bills and conservation style double glazed windows installed throughout

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