Larch House

  • September 2, 2020
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Sustainable materials for Guest Suite.

Our client wanted a rear extension for this house on a sloping site and as the garden was just a storey lower, we round we could provide a dining deck to the upper ground floor on top of the new guest suite at garden level, which is accessed via a generous spiral stair.

In appearance, the differing cladding elements applied to the walls identify the separate blocks of accommodation. The stair, shower and bedroom volumes have vertical or horizontal larch cladding, mirror and render. This also serves to break the mass and refrain from overpowering the adjacent small garden, and an excess order of blocks gave rise to the external floating larch stair design to the garden from the new deck. The new spiral stair is in stained oak as the existing kitchen floor, and the treads span between a central hollow steel post and the walls. A flat steel handrail ribbons simply from the landing to the lower ground floor.

We used low energy high thermal clay blocks for the walls and precaste floor beams for the floor and deck, which integrate the insulation requirements within their depth, thus keeping those elements as slim as possible. This reduced the dig and increased the new space generated.

Painting the whole house and windows externally and resurfacing the paths and garden has upgraded it from a post war infill to a contemporary addition to the street.


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