Peterborough Estate Lion House


Peterborough Estate Lion House replanning in this instance warranted moving the staircase. The new location allows a single stair shaft from extended basement to extended loft and improves the room shapes. It also provides natural ventilation for the whole house to a top rooflight. Glass screens onto adjacent rooms and a glass balustrade allow views throughout the house and natural daylight reaches deep into the newly-extended basement.

An existing side extension was re-roofed with zinc and flush openable rooflights to improve privacy, ventilation and insulation.

The overall energy performance is upgraded with hemp and radiant insulation, solar panel, LED downlights and replacement double glazed windows. A Passivent stack extract system with humidity sensitive grills and ducts from all wet rooms and ducts exit at roof level, obviating mechanical and noisy fans.

The limed oak full height doors and flush skirtings, full height frameless shower screens, no cornices, underfloor heating and flush shadow gap detailing give a modern backdrop to the client’s choice of internal finishes.

If you have a Lion Estate house that you want to remodel do contact us.

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