New Top and Tail to TownHouse

Loft and Rear extensions in Islington

Top and tail house extensions can be made with minimal alteration to the rest of the house and here we extended at both top and tail of the house, maintaining the living space in the main body of the house.

On top we created a full depth loft space with slanted rear glazing behind the existing butterfly parapet and de riguer dormers at the front of the house. The access stair is shoehorned into the corner beneath the mansard, splaying subtly into the new space. There is a shower and wc module to one side, and fabulous oak stabilo creates a uniting floor cover.
At the tail we installed the simplest of glass extensions, creating an almost invisibly protected corner to the garden. Folding sliding doors open to a through floor in slate, beneath the single pane roof.

If you want to extend your townhouse upwards or into the garden do contact us for a scheme.

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