Shaded South Facing Glass Extension, Wimbledon

  • June 24, 2015
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Structural glass extension with Heatwall glass.

The client wanted to improve the planning of their home. After several schemes were investigated, the client opted for this one which included a structural glass extension to the lounge.

It is a south facing room, making the most of a sunny spot in their garden adjacent to the house. To avoid overheating on the hottest of days, we have incorporated measures to ensure adequate remote controlled ventilation and shading, as well as a suitable glass specification.

There are glass beams to support the glass roof and three minimally framed sliding doors which can throw open the space in the summer.

To assist preventing heat loss in winter we installed a double glazed frameless sliding door partition to the lounge inside allows for the space to not be heated out of use. It also provides accoustic privacy between different functions of the rooms.

Photographs by Patricia Reyner

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